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Mclaren F1

The Mclaren F1


Once to hold the world record of the fastest production car at the speed of 240.1 mph (386 km/h) The record was set on the 31 of march 1998 but has now been beaten by SSC ultimate Aero  going 257 mph, Bugatti Veyron going 253 mph, Saleen s7 twin turbo  going 248 and the koenigsegg ccx going 245 mph

This road going F1 is a fully carbon fiber composite body keeping the the Mclaren Kerb weight down to make this car a great handling and performing vehicle with the BMW S70/2 engine, specifically designed and built for the car. The 6.1-litre, quad-cam, 48-valve V12 produced 627 horsepower launching its      1140 kg (2513 lbs)  frame to 60 mph (100 kg) in only 3.2 seconds

1/4 mile 11.1 seconds @ 222 / 138 km/h / mph
Standing km 19.6 seconds @ 285 / 177 km/h / mph

The seating position is dead in the center to keep this car more F1 like and so the driver has the best feel of the car but don’t worry you can take passengers one on either side of you

What makes this car more F1 like is the aerodynamics with Full underbody air management (fan assisted). Driver selectable high downforce mode. Automatic brake and balance aerofoil system.

THE SSC ultimate Aerossc-ultimate-aero-red-thumbnail

THE Bugatti Veyron


THE Saleen S7


THE koenigsegg ccx



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